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A study conducted in 2016 on “Trends and Patterns of Suicide in People of Chitral” showed that women had almost double the rate of suicide than men in District Chitral of Northern Pakistan. The study revealed that suicide was mainly associated with family and marital issues followed by family disputes, lack of confidence and tolerance, and mental health problems; and the most common methods of suicide included were drowning and hanging. Suicide causes a large number of premature deaths in Chitral District, especially during the young and productive age groups.


Goals and Objectives

Khoshani – a source of happiness is RESIP’s response to address the prevailing issue of suicide in Chitral District. The main objective of this intervention is to provide an enabling space to the communities where they can discuss the issues they are facing and can get the required psychosocial support through dialogues and engage in art activities like story-telling, poetry and music. Its min activities include workshops conducted in community centers to educate community members on how to deal with stressful situation using different psychological methods such as relaxation techniques, cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, music therapy and parental counseling.


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