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Sidra Rafique

Program Manager

A graduate from Islamic university and a researcher in religious philosophy with a rich teaching experience at various leading universities, Sidra is determined to be a source of peace-building, tolerance and gender empowerment for the youth in Pakistan. Her interesting journey of transformation from an orthodox background to progressive peaceful human evolved her into a passionate peace activist. She has been engaged in many research studies conducted on violent extremism among youth and counter narrative to extremism with national and international organizations. She aims to do more research on the same issue through diverse angles Under her services as a founding member of RESIP as well as Research and Finance Coordinator, Sidra has successfully facilitated several dialogues in many universities across Pakistan alongside experts and scholars on current social and religious issues. Sidra understands the importance of training youth in conflict resolution and communication skills; and emphasizes on teaching peace-building tools to people whose human rights are often manipulated, especially the youth. Her dedication is passionate, yet well informed. She believes in the urgency to make political and social change, but is also realistic about the challenges that are part of the journey towards a more peaceful and just world.

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