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Ayub Ayubi

Founder and Chairperson

Ayub Ayubi is a social activist and founder of Renaissance by Social Innovation, Pakistan (RESIP). Established in 2011, RESIP addresses violent extremism and radicalization through engaging youth. Ayub, after being born and raised in a strict orthodox family, was once influenced by extremist religious ideologies. However, a combination of experiences including education and dialogue with the right individuals enabled him to challenge dogmas and overcome radical influences. Now, Ayub believes that civic education alone cannot achieve a desired condition of tolerance in Pakistan. Education must be coupled with culturally-sensitive conflict resolution skills and ample opportunity for dialogue at home and at school. As a chairperson of RESIP, Ayub focuses on bringing these elements together to engage youth and vulnerable populations. Under his leadership, RESIP has launched various campaigns to counter ideological extremism on campuses across Pakistan, and currently engages over 5000 students through various initiatives. He has completed several certifications for countering violent extremism and regularly writes on issues related to violent extremism and civic education.

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